WSL2 has been amazing! It’s so much faster than WSL, and Git commands and Python scripts just run faster. But what really gets me giddy is Docker on WSL2. No Hyper-V VM - in fact, Hyper-V doesn’t even need to be installed. I loved Hyper-V, but with Docker and WSL2 I haven’t had much reason to run it. It’s just works…well, usually.

I fired up VSCode in my PowerShell repo and Code prompted me to restart in a devcontainer, but the apt-get statement failed with errno 100:

E: Release file for is not valid yet (invalid for another 3h 49min 34s). Updates for this repository will not be applied.

I found docker/for-win#4526 and docker/for-win#5593, specifically a comment that instructed to run this:

sudo hwclock -s

It wasn’t clear where I should run that, but since Docker is running on the Linux kernel for WSL2, I started Ubuntu in Windows Terminal and ran that command, restarted my intermediate docker container, and it completed successfully.

The problem occurs when a distribution is running and the machine sleeps. The container clock isn’t synchronized when the distribution again runs after the computer wakes.